One of the most common problems for many folks are the tangle of cables jammed inside a bag or backpack, not to mention unraveling the mess when you unpack. To help alleviate this problem, Namba Gear provides a cable management system on the Big Namba and Kava bags. The idea for solving this cable-cluster nightmare is so simple that you wonder why no one thought of it before.

The Cable Management System consists of two ingredients.

1. Cable Ties – these handy Velcro and cloth strips come with the Big Namba and Kava bags and  can be wrapped around the cables to hold them in a secure manner and keep them from getting tangled with other cables.

2. Cable Hook – this cloth and Velcro loop is located on the inside front flap of the Kava bag and against the back wall of both compartments in the Big Namba backpack. Simply insert the secured, cable-tied cables into the loop and use the Velcro closure to lock them in place.

Your cables will drop into an elastic pocket on the Big Namba, further securing the cables as well as protecting any gear from being scratched. The strap closure on the front flap of the Kava bag can be expanded to hold multiple cables.

Big Namba Front Compartment - Cable Management System In ActionCables Tucked Into Front CompartmentKava Laptop Studio Bag - Cable Management In Action

      Big Namba Cable-tied On Hook               Tuck Cables Inside Pocket                   Inside Front Flap Of Kava

Sturdy Cloth Cable TiesKava Cable Management

Sturdy Cloth/Velcro Cable Ties              Cable Management In Kava Bag

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