XXL Road Pack

25” H x 14.5” W x 10.5” D Product Update: FREE Shipping USA

The many requests for a big backpack that will hold products the size of Native Instruments Traktor S4 or the Numark NS6 along with a laptop and other assorted gear did not fall on deaf ears; we give to you Namba Gear’s Double XL RoadPack. Designed with larger footprint controllers in mind, the XXL RoadPack is our biggest backpack yet while still providing a comfortable fit and industry leading construction using extreme high grade, weather-resistant, 1680D ballistic nylon.

This laptop and gear bag is not just for the digital dj either. Guitar players might use Namba Gear’s XXL RoadPack to transport the Line 6 Pedalboard. Keyboardist might use it for those hard to fit 37-note keyboards like Korg’s MicroKorg 37.

Like the rest of our product line, the XXL RoadPack was designed for security with many musician friendly details that separate it from the other solutions on the market. Extremely long lockable zippers and unsnappable hinges allow easier packing, a cable management system that makes it easy to keep cables organized, special material that wicks moisture away from your back, and even a secret stash pocket are a few of the special features. The subtle two-toned charcoal grey / black exterior combined with a striking neon orange interior that practically glows, and is so bright it helps you locate all of your gear in a darkened room, means that you’ll have a bag that is stylish as well as practical.

We should mention that this big boy was not designed to “fit under the seat in front of you” or for that matter, even in the overhead compartment. Although, it would fit lengthwise on most jet planes’ overhead compartments if you could sneak it through security, past the flight attendants and risk the wrath of other passengers. Unique Features

+ Security Design
compartments & pockets on inside/lockable zippers

+ Chest Strap
secures backpack from falls

+ Back Material Wicks Moisture
controls shirt stains

+ Convenient Cary Handle
easy lift and carry

+ Holds 17” Laptop Computer
take your studio with you

+ Holds 12” Vinyls & Audio Devices
transport & protect your mobile studio

+ Huge Controller Space
holds most 25-key MIDI controllers & computer dj controllers

+ Controller Space Unhinges & Lays Flat
easy loading

+ High Performance, Semi-Rigid Foam Construction
superior high-quality1680D/PVC ballistic materia

+ Cable Management System
easily organize your cable cluster

+ Secret Stash Pocket
perfect place to hide iLocks or wallet
FREE Shipping USA

Charcoal Grey (Orange Interior) 239.95 USD
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