Lil Namba Remix Backpack

* Expensive DJ gear needs good bags. This is not an expensive pack – I have seen bags by bigger brands at twice the price that offer no better protection.

It is part of a range that is specifically designed to fit different sizes and combinations of DJ and production gear, so I recommend checking out Namba Gear if your equipments carrying needs are different to mine. For controllers the size of the VCI-300 or smaller, however, the Lil Namba Remix will do the job fine. The Lil Namba is still the best bag I’ve seen yet. Digital DJ by Phil Morse.

After hunting for a suitably rugged, comfortable and well-priced bag for my digital DJ endeavors, I finally struck gold with the Lil Namba Remix Backpack. The smaller brother of the Big Namba Studio Backpack, this medium sized, nice-looking gear bag really does the job, and is integral to my setup.

I laid out my usual gear on the sofa. I was even stunned myself when I saw what came out of it – it’s like a TARDIS! In terms of how it weighs up against the rest of the market, the Lil Namba Remix Bag seems like the perfect way to carry around your gear for a price of $129.95 US. I have yet to find another bag on the market that is both larger than the usual oversized laptop satchel, but smaller than the mammoth producer bags. DJ Tech Tools by Matt Belcher

I love the design and comfort of the Lil Namba Remix Backpack. It’s very flexible for me as a DJ/producer with all the traveling I have to do at times and club gigs. I can fit my Macbook Pro 15″ with cables, hard drive, 12″ vinyl and Serato box when it’s club time and a mini keyboard or pad controller when it’s producer time.

It is ergonomically correct for my back and the super cushy shoulder straps make it even better. I also love the fact that the Lil Namba Remix bag does NOT make my back sweat like some other bags I have tried before. There’s plenty of space inside for all kinds of things and it does not look big at all when wearing it and walking into the club (it’s very stylish). I can unpack quickly to set up to play my set and I can quickly pack up once the club is over and security is rushing all the djs to get out. This is a great bag and I would highly recommend it to any dj using their laptop as part of their show. Great job Namba! DJ Michael Trance (dj/producer), Los Angeles, CA

I love the portability of my Namba Lil’ Remix bag. By the end of 2010, it will have traveled all over the U.S., Canada, Japan, Korea, U.K., Germany, Switzerland, France, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. Everything I carry on the road with me (laptop, hard drives, cables, notebooks, flash drives, pens/pencils, studio headphones, in-ear monitors, digital camera, passport wallet, VIA instant coffee packs, Band-Aids, magazines, books, etc.) has a place.

People actually are astounded by how heavy and solid it is because I’m able to pack so much into it. But with the chest and waist strap, it’s so evenly balanced that it’s easy traversing airport terminals, train stations, and tour buses with it on my back. Taka Hirano (percussionist, producer), New York, NY

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