Lil Namba Remix Backpack

18” H x 14” W x 9.5” D

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The Lil Namba Remix Backpack was created by our design team to provide an optimum carrying solution for a computer dj with Rane/Serato or Vestax VCI300, or transport of a laptop mobile studio using a smaller footprint keyboard controller such as the M-Audio Oxygen 8, and using up to a 15″ laptop computer. We call it a high performance bag because of the construction detail and the extreme high grade weather-resistant 1680D poly nylon materials used.

Designed for security, the Lil Namba backpack has many musician friendly details that separate it from the other solutions on the market. Extremely long lockable zippers and unsnappable hinges which allow easier packing, a cable management system that makes it easy to keep cables organized, special material that wicks moisture away from your back, high contrast interior color to help you quickly find everything in your pack, and even a secret stash pocket (for your iLoks, etc.) are a few of the special features.

Unique Features
+ Security Design
compartments & pockets on inside/lockable zippers

+ Chest Strap
secures backpack from falls

+ Back Material Wicks Moisture
controls shirt stains

+ Convenient Cary Handle
easy lift and carry

+ Holds 15” Laptop Computer
take your studio with you

+ Holds 12” Vinyls & Audio Devices
transport & protect your mobile studio

+ Large Controller Space
holds most small footprints 25-key MIDI Controllers alternative controllers & computer dj controllers

+ Controller Space Unhinges & Lays Flat
easy loading

+ High Performance, Semi-Rigid Foam Construction
superior high-quality ballistic 1680D/PVC poly nylon material

+ Cable Management System
easily organize your cable cluster

+ Secret Stash Pocket
perfect place to hide iLocks or wallet (it’s the pocket with your cable ties inside)

Look what fits inside the Li’l Namba!
Rane/Serato or Vestax VCI300



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Charcoal Grey (Red Interior) 159.95 USD
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Killer Bee (Yellow Interior) 159.95 USD

Limited Edition juju_photo1
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Mayan Brown (Blue Interior) 159.95 USD
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Midnight Blue (Orange Interior) 159.95 USD

Limited Edition
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Olive Green (Bronze Interior) 159.95 USD

Videos of the Lil Namba

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