Kava Laptop Studio Bag

“I purchased this bag in 3/10 specifically for a trip to Europe. I took 2 bags: Kava & a compression pack that I cranked down to fit in carry on. This is what Kava held: 17’laptop,mouse, prtbl spkrs,Canon Powershot,My Book 500gb prtbl HDD, 2-24disk cases,2-EU power converters&plug adapters, notebook w/itnry resrvtns & maps, passport, sunglass case, I-pod, cables(9),6 snack bars,1lb trail mix, deck of cards & a 600pg hard cover book. Glad I brought it all, was stuck @ Schiphol airport for 5 days during the volcano! Comfortble ajstbl shoulder pad, convenient zip pocket on backside for valuables, slots for mem cards, velcro straps for cables, .5 markdown ’cause handle tore loose after only 6mo, but will still probably buy another to have a spare.” Customer Review from Musician’s Friend

“Just received my green Kava bag today. Wow, great build quality and extremely efficient use of space. My Macbook Pro, audio interface, stanton dj control surface, (2 SCS3d’s and 1 SCS3m), Novation Launchpad, laptop stands, hard drive, power adapters and cables all fit easily. I love this thing and can’t wait to travel with it!. The other thing I love is I am a REALLY BIG guy 6’4″.
This bag fits me extremely well, which is not an easy task :-). I have owned several dj record bags over the years, but this fits me for djing in the digital age superbly. I have looked for a bag for a very long time, I am glad I found this bag. Great Job!!!!” DJ Jordan Vesteyo – (DJ/Producer/Audio Engineer) – Brooklyn/Philly

“I like the fashion, quality and the right idea of storage. With this bag you comfortably carry your laptop and audio interface anywhere. It is a real quality product that looks the part in addition to performing the function. I think that European’s have a sense of style for this type of combination.” Volker Barber(ECHO Award winning recording artist, producer & studio owner), Frankfurt, Germany

“The Kava bag is very ergonomic – it is comfortable to wear and you can carry so many essential items that are important to the everyday life of the musician/artist/whatever!” Jason Miles(Grammy award winning producer & recording artist), New York

“Two reasons: I like it because it’s not made out of black material. Every dumb computer bag in the world is black and I am happy to be wearing something brown and blue (interior) for a change. Secondly, it has enough pockets for everything – two hard drives, my USB Transit interface, the laptop, power supplies, my notebooks and calendars, pens, USB hubs, wireless mouse, phone, earbuds, iPod, iLok, fierewire PCMCIA card and notes for my next meeting. This is New York City people; we don’t have cars. We have to carry it.” J. Chris Griffin(mixing & mastering engineer), New York City

“Although perhaps designed with a specific purpose of toting a laptop and external drives, etc. I have already used my Kava bag for something completely different; a hip carry-on bag that not only looked stylish but allowed me to still bring important items on an international trip that I didn’t want to check with the baggage service. I put in things like extra eyewear (can’t function too well without them), iPod, cell phone, compact camera, and the millions of cables and connectors I seem to also bring. Since I was leaving the country, I brought some of the new kind of cables that snap apart and perform multi purpose functions as well.” T Lavitz(Keyboard Mag’s “Jazz Keyboardist of the Year” & six-time Grammy nominated recording artist), Boston, MA

“First off, I really love the durability of this bag! It’s been used regularly since I received it. I’m talking load-in after load-out! If you are a gigging musician you know how fast cases can get destroyed, (especially by the hands of others). I mainly use it to carry my laptop, mics, cords, iPod and accessories. We use a LCD projector at some shows and I carry everything needed in this handy bag (except for the projector & screen). Other great features: very comfortable to carry when full and many storage pockets for keeping things separate, especially those cords that tend to “mate” while in transit!” Troy Castellano(Singer, Songwriter & Producer), Harris, MN

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