Juju “Magic Bag” Effects/DJ Bag

This bag was plainly designed to do a job. There is a shortage of good bags for carrying oversized gear, and the issue with such bags is that if you don’t have one that fits your particular combination of gear perfectly, your gear is going to rattle around inside there, not getting the protection it needs.

Of course, the best bag for any piece of gear is going to be one that fits it perfectly, but saving that, something like this is an excellent all-rounder. What’s more, with a bit of ingenuity it could serve you just as well as your DJ set-up changes over the years, plus if you have an extra piece of gear (audio interface, sampler etc) to fit in as well as your controller, it’d be more possible to do so in here than in a custom bag.

So it’s attractive, well made, and fills a niche in the market for a bag to carry over-sized kit. If that’s what you’re looking for, the Namba JuJu has got you – and your gear – covered.

Five Stars * * * * * Digital DJ Tips.com by Phil Morse

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