GoBoard 49 & 61 Keyboard Gig Bags

“GREAT BAG. Bought the Axiom keyboard and there wasn’t a bag in the store that would fit it without me needing to stuff with towels so I went on the net and searched. This bag is PERFECT. Not only will it collect attention from it’s exterior (didn’t think I would like the blue with the orange, but it took about 5 seconds to grow on me) but the keyboard fits PERFECTLY in the bag, and with all the extra space it allows, I can fit my Mac Book Pro 13″, iPad for scores, pockets for cords, and the bag doesn’t feel weighted down too much to not be portable. If you have, or thought about getting, the Axiom, this bag is worth the pick up!” Wil (from Amazon)

“Cost More For A Reason. This bag costs more than most others I found on Amazon, but it’s a really nice. I could have paid $30 for a 49-key synth bag, but I paid $150, and the Namba Gear feels like a $150 synth bag.

-It has structural foam inside the walls, so it won’t crush flat unless you jump on top of it. Plus, it’s pretty heavy, even while empty, which can be bad for carrying, but I like a little heft in a bag that’ll be protecting my gear. The nylon is very thick, with a satiny sheen to it. This looks really good, especially considering the blue color of the bag. This looks great with the Novation keyboard that will live inside it (the Novation is blue).

-It’s designed with lots of attention to detail, like large zipper pulls with rubber grips, and rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from getting abraded by pavement.

-The “lid” of the bag is itself another bag, with zippered compartments inside for a laptop and cables and manuals, with each stored separately from each other.

-Maybe best of all, the interior of the bag is “safety orange”. Many gig bags seems to be designed by someone who has never used one: the inside of an average bag is black. If you’ve ever had to search a bag for a cable or adapter in a dark club or basement, you’ll appreciate the super bright interior of the Namba.

Sometimes you get what you pay for. P. Gullett (from Amazon)

“Wanted to leave some positive feedback. I was a little skeptical buying such an expensive bag for my Akai MPK49. Especially when all the info I have is several pics and some verbage. Namba really put a lot of consideration when this one was designed. Pockets for everything I need – cables, charts, macbook, pedal, hard drive. Well I suppose they left out a pocket for my scoobie snacks. I was also a little hesitant on bionic orange as well. But now I love how it stands out and captures ones attention and how easily I can find everything. Great choice on colors. Makes my other keyboard cases look bland. So all this to say, FANTASTIC bag.” Miquel Ponder

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