Namba Gear can customize our bags, or even custom design a bag for a client. Because of the high quality of our bags they are a great representation for a Company or even a special event. On this page you will find a few of the products that Namba Gear designed or customized for a wide ranges of companies. If you are interested in having Namba Gear create a bag for your company or special event contact us at [email protected]


The iZotope Spire Studio bag not only holds the Spire recording hardware, but headphones too. The generously padded bag has a rear pocket for the power supply, a top handle and shoulder strap.


Virus TI Keyboard Deluxe Bag with padded soft case for 61-key Virus TI, TI2, TI Whiteout Ed, Virus KB and Virus KC synths with padded laptop and 2x accessory pockets. Carry by cushioned grip or wear as a backpack with included shoulder straps.


Virus TI Polar Deluxe Bag provides heavy-duty gig bag for TI Polar, TI2 Polar, TI Whiteout Ed and Indigo synths with padded laptop and storage compartments. Carry by cushioned grip or wear as a backpack with included shoulder straps.

Gerium Medical

Gerium Medical bag for Bilicare System testing equipment. It features padded pouches for extra protection of all components.

Gerium Medical

Gerium Pouch for single Bilicare medical testing component.


The bag is a beautiful black backpack with silver interior and the discrete L-Acoustics logo on the front of the bag. The bags are intended as thank you gifts for the producers and musicians performing at L-Acoustics produced music festivals all over the world for the summer of 2017.


Kemper Profiling Amp Bag is a padded soft bag for the Kemper Profiling Amp. There’s a cushioned grip and shoulder strap for easy transport along withthree storage compartments for cables and pedals.

Natus Medical

ESIII medical bag for pediatric care testing equipment. It features removable padded inserts to custom tailor the bag for individual usage.

Natus Medical

Algo3 medical backpack for pediatric care testing equipment. Features custom foam cutout insert for delicate equipment storage with easy access.


Instrument and audio retailer NovaMuzik rebranded a custom edition of the Namba Gear Shaka Laptop messenger bag. Holds up to 15” laptop and iPad with room for small controllers, cables and much more.
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