Namba Gear Customer Service / Warranty

Rigorous testing is great, and Namba Gear puts our products through some of the most rigorous testing imaginable to insure that our bags are built to the highest standards in materials, construction and craftsmanship. With that said, nothing beats real world application, and Namba Gear’s philosophy of constant improvement means that we do our best to listen to our customers and learn what we can do better.

“I’ll never forget getting the phone call from Brazilian keyboardist Thiago Pinheiro. He had just returned to Sao Paulo from a Latin American tour and told me that he had put his backpack down on the wet pavement at the airport while waiting for a taxi, and now the bottom of his bag was wet and he was afraid that it would discolor. ‘I have news for you, it rains in Brazil… a lot,’ he said. The result of that call was the addition of rubber standoffs on the bottom of the backpacks, now a standard feature for all of our larger bags. Just one example of the many ways our customers continue to help us make our bags a bit better than all the rest. And no, putting your bag down on a wet pavement wasn’t covered under warranty.” Woody Moran, Owner of Namba Gear


You will probably never encounter a problem with your Namba Gear products. In the unlikely event that you, in the first year from the date of purchase, discover a problem caused by defects in either workmanship or materials, we will be happy to see that it is fixed (or replaced, if we decide that would be best). Any bag purchased from a private person or from a dealer not authorized by Namba Gear is specifically not covered under this warranty.This limited warranty covers defects encountered in the normal use of the bag and does not apply if the bag is damaged due to physical abuse, mishandling, accident, use during competition, animal attack, or negligence, or if the bag is altered or modified by the purchaser in any way. This warranty does not cover the natural breakdown of materials, seams or components which may occur after extended use of the product. This warranty only applies to defects that impact the performance of the product, and cosmetic issues due to normal “wear and tear” of the product are expressly excluded, including, but not limited to: deformation, discoloration or fading of components or fabrics, loose or untrimmed thread ends, or separation of components that can be easily reattached with household tools (e.g. zipper pulls).

Namba Gear products are made from the highest quality materials and produced under the highest manufacturing standards. But, like any other travel or bag product, Namba Gear products are not indestructible. Therefore, our guarantee does not cover product damage that may result from abuse or mishandling of the product or overloading. If an airline or other common carriers damages your luggage, you should file a damage claim with the carrier before you leave the airport.

Namba Gear shall have no liability or responsibility to the Original Owner or any other person for any special, incidental or consequential losses or damages caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the bags including, but not limited to: losses or damages to the contents of a bag due to impact or drop, or contact with a bag’s fabrics or components. Except for the express warranty stated above, Namba Gear makes no other warranties with respect to the bags, expressed or implied. Namba Gear reserves the right to make changes in design, materials and specifications without prior notice.


All warranty claims accompanied by an explanation with detail pictures and an original receipt of purchase, can be emailed to [email protected]. A representative will contact you with a Return Authorization and shipping instructions.

Requirements to submit a warranty claim.
1. Explanation of problem
2. Detail photo(s) of problem
3. Receipt of purchase.

Turn-around time on repairs is approximately 2-4 weeks from the time the bag is received at our Los Angeles repair facility. The Original Owner is responsible for all shipping charges, unless the defect occurs within 30 days of receipt. Returns or replacements are shipped via the lowest cost option (e.g. UPS Ground, or United States Mail).

Our webshop only ships to addresses in the United States and Canada.