Too Much Junk In The Trunk


Too Much Junk In The Trunk

Here we see a nice representation of items that might be found inside a musician’s Kava Laptop Studio Bag. Audio Device, 15″ Laptop Computer w/ Music Software, Microphone, XLR Mic Cable, 2 Guitar Cables, USB Cable, FW Cable, Headphones, 3 CD’s, Camera, Notepad, 2 Pens, Sunglasses, Hat, Tissues, Bottle of Aspirin, Corkscrew








Junk In The Bag


Junk In The Trunk, In The Bag

Now we’ve loaded up everything into the bag. Note the extra long zipper length that allows easy packing and accessability. Included cable ties make cable organization a snap with the Cable Management System located on the inside front flap. Laptop slides into the back padded compartment and secures with a velcro strap. Audio device and mic fit into a space on the other side of the laptop. Everything found a place with room to spare.







Studio In The Bag



Studio Packed In The Bag

All closed up and secured with the large adjustable clasp on the front of the Kava Bag. The bag is easy to lift with the top handle and easy to carry with the adjustable shoulder strap and extra thick shoulder pad.


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