Namba1.1The Namba Gear Crew extends their congratulations to Dennis M. Cooper, winner of a set of Namba Gear bags & backpacks in the Oasis Grassroots Giveaway. The winning collection includes the Big Namba Studio backpack, Lil Namba Remix backpack, Kucha iPad Messenger bag and Samba Personal Stash bag. Oasis CD Manufacturing is the musician’s trusted source for DVD & CD duplication. This is the second time that Namba Gear has partnered with Oasis on the Grassroots Giveaway.

Winner Dennis Cooper seems to have found a great application for every one of his new Namba Gear Collection. Here is what Dennis told us. "These products are amazingly well constructed and designed. My Big Namba Bag contains the following equipment: 17" laptop, studio headphones, studio interface, still camera, two small video cameras, cables, a large diaphragm studio mic, pens, paper, and business cards. The Little Namba Bag contains everything I need for live harmonica performance; Korg multi-effects unit, delay pedal, Audix fireball 5 microphone, muti-tap power surge protector, cables, cable adapters, business cards, download cards and has room left for more! The messenger bag is a perfect fit for my harmonica case and the personal stash bag is just the right size for my guitar/harmonica wireless unit. I’m extremely impressed with the comfort of the Namba Bags when I wear them and the handles and straps are very strong. I recommend them to players and civilians alike!"

Mr. Cooper’s final comment to us had everyone at Namba Gear World Headquarters smiling when he said, "I’m a sucker for bags and cases and yours are the best I’ve ever encountered!"

photoThe winner of NAMBACKER NATION’s Autograph Sweepstakes is California bay area resident Brent Stewart. Brent is a full-time music maker and one happy camper right now. From Namba Gear, Brent won a Lil Namba Remix Backpack autographed by Namba Gear artist Carmen Rizzo.

Carmen Rizzo  is a producer, mixer, programmer, DJ, remixer and recording artist based in Los Angeles. The two-time Grammy nominee has worked with Seal, Coldplay, Paul Oakenfold, Alanis Morissette, Dido, Jem, Niyaz, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Khaled, Tiesto, BT, Esthero, A.R. Rahman and Pete Townshend.

Carmen didn’t just sign the bag but wrote a special message for Brent. Carmen wrote, “This bag will be your best friend! Enjoy!! Carmen XO”


Autographed Swag & Gear!

The winner of this prize has a great start on opening their own version of the Hard Rock Cafe. Autographs from Melissa Ethridge, Ray Parker, Jr., Carmen Rizzo… Even every member of Guns N Roses… How cool is that?

Artist autographs are the hot ticket nowadays, especially on products from music industry manufacturers. There’s something here for everyone, including lovers of rock, country, blues, jazz, folk, EDM, DJ; everything from high performance backpacks and cool stage accessories to guitars and amps. Every one of them is autographed by a major artist. Check out all of the great autographed prizes here.

Enter now. No purchase required. Contest ends on September 1, 2014.

main-image2Namba Gear extends it’s congratulations to the ten winners of the Disc Makers’ Backstage Sweepstakes contest. Disc Maker’s customers are receiving regular emailings for Disc Makers’ Backstage offers, and last weeks offer was to win one of ten freeKava Laptop Studio Messenger Bags in a Namba Gear / Disc Makers co-promotion sweepstakes.

The winners are:

  • Sherri Steinert of Kalispell, Montana
  • Karl Monson of Orem, Utah
  • Sean McGraw of Watervliet, New York
  • Brian Phillips of Castle Pines, Colorado
  • Ben Zarai of Palmdale, California
  • Steve Van Harn of Hamilton, Michigan
  • Randolph Roeder of Seattle, Washington
  • Amanda Hoffman of Columbia, South Carolina
  • Ted Yoder of Goshen, Indiana
  • Bill Phillips of Woodinville, Washington

Send us a photo of you holding your Disc Makers CD along with your Kava Laptop Studio Bag and we’ll post your photo on our Facebook page as well as out Twitter page. How cool is that? Congratulations.

Home Studio Handbook-page-001Every time we turn around, the guys over at Disc Makers are doing something else to help musicians better their careers. Namba Gear is honored to join Taylor Guitars, Aphex, Apogee, and Musician’s Friend among others as a sponsor of Disc Makers Home Studio Handbook. This is such a great handbook, easy to understand, with chapters on Home Studio Acoustics, Recording Tips from the Pros, a very complete Microphone Guide, and much more. This guide is offered for free when you inquire about using Disc Makers services.

Here is an excerpt from Recording Tips from the Pros, “If you’re recording an acoustic guitar, violin, piano, sax, or any acoustic instrument, and you play it near a wall with a lot of glass and wood, you’ll get a more reflective sound than if you’re up against a baffle. If you’re recording an amp, play around with different spots until you get the right tone for the track.”

We had to show you our favorite page from the handbook.


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