RogerAndWoodyNAMMWe thought that our new show location was going to be a huge improvement over the past couple of years, but didn’t expect it to feel like home. At the front of the aisle was the Hammond Organ booth and across from it the Nektar keyboard booth. Steve and Greg from Hammond are both proud owners of Lil Namba Remix backpacks while Niels and Greg at Nektar are friends from M-Audio days. They asked us to enlarge the GoBoard MIDI keyboard bags to hold the top of the line Nektar controllers, which we are going to do.

Across the aisle from us was Roger Linn, famed in song and story for the ground breaking LM1 drum machine and the continuation product, the Akai MPC60. Roger has an amazing new controller called the LinnStrument that we highly endorse (and it fits in the new XXL Road Pack – see photo).

TomAndWoodyNAMMAnd right next door was synth legend Tom Oberheim’s Marion Systems. Marion reintroduced the Oberheim Expander Module several years ago, but now Tom has brought back the Oberheim Two Voice which features a step sequencer. It looked like the Two Voice would fit in the Juju Magic Bag, but it was about 1/2 inch too deep. We’ll fix that on the next production run of the Juju bags and make sure that it fits next time. (see photo).

Check out our Namba Gear Facebook page for more photos from the Anaheim 2015 NAMM show.

instagram-logoWe love our new Instagram page. It is cool to see the photos of our bags over the past few years, and to see so many pics of them that were taken by our customers. When we jumped on Instagram it was also a little thrill to see that there were some customers who had already taken photos of our bags and posted them, mostly while on tour. Photos really do tell the story. If you post a pic be sure to add #nambagear so that we see it too. Check it out at and please follow us.


Joey Stuckey

IMG_0187Official Ambassador of Music for Macon, Georgia—
Home of the “Southern Sound”
2012 Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee

Macon, Georgia

Website: www.

Namba Gear: Big Namba Studio Backpack, Shaka Laptop Messenger

Favorite Music Software: Sonar, Sound Forge, Superior Drummer, and Kore B-4

Joey Stuckey is a blind musician with an insightful vision.
Born in Green Cove Springs, Florida, Joey Stuckey is an award-winning blind guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio & TV personality, music columnist, educator, inspirational speaker, and sound engineer. Joey’s guitar style is reminiscent of rocker Jeff Beck and jazzer Wes Montgomery while his vocal influences range from Mel Torme to Gregg Allman—these influences have inspired an original sound that Stuckey calls “jazz infused rock with southern attitude”. Stuckey lost his sight and sense of smell as an infant as the result of a brain tumor. Despite these limitations, he remained in mainstream education. Scholastically outstanding, Joey Stuckey graduated from high school at the age of 14. At the age of 17 he began his musical career by taking classical guitar lessons from noted music professor Terry Cantwell. Joey continued his musical education by studying with renowned jazz guitarists Stanley Jordan and Steve Crowell.

Stuckey is the owner and sound engineer of a recording facility Shadow Sound Studio which boasts vintage analog gear and state-of-the-art digital technology. He also owns and operates a 24-hour internet radio station, WTMT, where he promotes independent music of all genres. Joey has hosted numerous independent music programs on terrestrial radio in Macon, GA, and online with his popular show “Audio Style” and his tv-show “15 Minutes of Fame”. Stuckey has also been a featured music columnist for the webzines Artist Launch Mag and The Tub Magazine where he served as the assistant editor. He currently contributes columns to The Portal Magazine and in addition, he has been the adaptive technology correspondent for Dialogue Magazine which is a publication dedicated to the needs of the blind. Recently, Stuckey has taken on the role of music publisher and has a growing catalog of great songs in multiple genres. His publishing companies include Sociology Publishing (BMI) and Sign Wave Publishing (ASCAP).


As a producer that has a full schedule, I am doing a lot of cool projects right now, however, the big thing I am working on for March of 2015 is the release of my new single “ Blind Man Drivin’ “ I am a blind person and this is a fun tune. We are working on a fun video to go with the song and I will be doing a short tour of the UK, London to be precise centering around my talk and performance at the University of London for the VIML music conference being held there March of 2015. My single “Blind Man Drivin’ “Is the official theme song for the conference. And so the talk, release of the single and video will all be hitting about the same time. One of the reasons I had to get some Namba bags is for this trip, I new I would need it with all the places I had to get my gear to.

As I do a lot of location recording and performing as well, the family of Namba products are a major part of getting my gear where it needs to be easily and safely.


Rugged construction, stylish and best of all designed with the musician in mind. Lots of pockets straps and ways to configure the product to what you need. So well made and a good price!


I am always on the go, it is so great to have bags that meet my exact needs and are packed and ready to leave when I am, on a plane, in the van, on my back, just ready to get the job done. I love to record in old churches when on location. While in the UK in March of 2015 I plan to visit Stone Hinge and the Namba back pack will be there with my digital recorder, I hope to capture some of the ambiance of that space.


You’ve Heard the Rumors, And It’s Better Than You Imagined.

The Namba Gear crew was attending the BPM Show in Birmingham, UK and two Irish guys walk up to our stand. "Your gear knapsacks are brilliant, yea. But do you have anything big enough to fit my NI S4 or a Numark NS6?"  That was the question we kept getting at the BPM show and it really was one of those light bulb moments.  Guess we need to make a big backpack that can hold the Traktor S4 and other large controllers and gear. We got a prototype made and showed it at several expos earlier this year, NAMM, Mobile Beat, ASCAP Expo, DJ Expo and frankly it got a little tense when showing the prototype because EVERYONE wanted to take it home.

Here we are, almost a year later after all of the design and testing; the new Namba Gear Double XL Road Packs have made it through the dock workers strike at Long Beach and are ready for immediate delivery from our Los Angeles, CA warehouse.

The XXL Road Pack will hold your controller or guitar pedal board or hard to fit 37 note keyboard, plus your laptop, cables, headphones, microphones, external HDs and much more.  It’s made from the same 1680 Ballistic nylon that the rest of our high quality carrying solution are made from, so you know you’re getting some serious, heavy duty and durable protection for your gear while still being comfortable. We’re not going to tell you it will get you laid, but… you will look damn good carrying your gear.

Get Your XXL Road Pack Now.

Check out the XXL Road Pack video from Disk Jockey News

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