About Namba Gear

Founded in Southern California in 2007, Namba Gear is a Portland, Oregon based bag and accessories company that designs and produces premium, high performance solutions for the working musician. Namba Gear is both a musician/dj and lifestyle brand. The essence of the brand is defined by the working musicians and dj’s at Namba Gear who are dedicated to creating and delivering exceptional, high performance based carrying solutions that will stand up to the unique and rigorous workload of professional musicians.

Namba Gear Owner Woody Moran in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with Samba Personal Stash BagNamba Gear’s owner, Woody Moran, is a successful musician and songwriter, who has worked in high level management positions within the music, audio recording, and music software industries. Woody has helped shaped the musician’s palette of tools over the past 25+ years in his leadership roles with Native Instruments, M-Audio (including: Ableton, Propellerheads), Akai and even earlier on, with PPG and Oberheim synths.

About the Namba Gear Blog?

Why a product blog site? It used to be that companies thought that all you needed to do with your website is show potential customers pretty pictures of your products, and that was enough; in fact, most still do. What has happened recently is the marvelous phenomenon of social networking and community.

I hope that we are able to bring you interesting content, not only about Namba Gear and our products, but also serve as a resource, whether you are trying to humanize a drum track or license a song. We’ll also just tell some music related stories which you will be able to find under the category, Tribal Drums. It is kind of an irreverent and possibly “politically incorrect” viewpoint that you get from us. But we hope that we can lend a bit of support and a smile to your musical endeavors. Peace.

About the Namba Gear Name

If you haven’t done so already, read the blog on how the Namba Gear name came into being:  The Danger of Reading Travel Essays When You Are Trying To Name Your Company.

 About the Namba Gear Color Palette

You might find it interesting to learn why there are no black bags at Namba Gear. If so, read the blog on Woody’s personal frustrations with using black bags with black interiors: Are The Namba Gear Colors A Martha Stewart Fashion Statement?

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