New Focusrite Forte Perfect Fit for Namba Gear’s Personal Stash Bag

Focusrite Forte

The Namba Gear crew just returned from the Audio Engineering Society (AES) show at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Gear, gear, and more gear.

Truth be told, we don’t usually get very excited by audio interfaces, but Focusrite’s new Forte 2×4 USB portable interface is an exception. First off, it has two Focusrite remote controlled mic preamps, a color LED display to indicate mic, line in, line out, and headphone levels, and modeling of the classic ISA110 EQ and ISA130 compressor. Of course you also get superb digital coversion at up to 25-bit/192 kHz resolution. And for us gear junkies, it looks pretty sexy too.

The best part? The portable interface, break out cables, and power supply all fit perfectly in Namba Gear’s Samba Personal Stash Bag. Is this cool or what? A big thumbs up from the Namba Gear crew.

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