Kava Laptop Studio Bag Nominated for Best Bag/Case of 2008 by Music & Sound Retailer Magazine

In the December 15, 2008 edition of Music & Sound Retailer magazine, the Namba Gear Kava Laptop Studio Bag was nominated for Best Bag/Case of 2008. The Kava Laptop Studio Bag was released in March 2008 and was the inaugural product for Namba Gear.

Namba Gear owner, Woody Moran, was quoted, saying, “It is gratifying for Namba Gear to be nominated for creating high-performance transport solutions for laptop musicians, remixers and DJs. As our retailers have told us, it is so rewarding that simply showing a musician or DJ a quality bag for their gear actually connects-the-dots for a mobile laptop studio or performance application.”

Other Interesting Nominations

Kava Laptop Studio BagBest DJ Product of 2008

Hercules DJ Console RMX
Rane Serato Video-SL
Mackie d.4 Pro
Pioneer MEP-7000

Best Multitrack Recorder/Recording & Mixing Software of 2008

Tascam DP-02
Ableton Live 7
Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition Upgrade
Edirol R-09HR

Best Floor Effect of 2008

The Moog Multi-Pedal
Ibanez JEMINI Steve Vai Signature Distortion Pedal
Vox Satchurator Distortion Pedal
Digitech Vocalist Live

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